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2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, to say the least. However, with the discovery of the vaccine, a sigh of relief has been taken and new plans are starting to be made. In this recent interview, Arzu Aygın, Director of Henry Charles Estates, talks about both the current conditions and her expectations/strategies for 2021. With the availability of the vaccine, we will quickly catch up with the old sales chart, says Arzu Aygın. The property and construction market in North Cyprus will regain its strength, but the serious problem that has always existed will remain: those who don't know the business, disrupting the market, not providing accurate information to the customer and trying to deal with the real estate business. In fact, with the removal of quarantine and flights resuming, the number of those who will invest in the island is quite high. They have made investments before and will invest again. Interest in the paradise isle of Cyprus continues, but they couldn't come under the current conditions. Arzu also talked about both 2020 and her strategies for 2021. She added that HCE continues to expand their portfolio, the expected UK trend and many other issues that concern the industry. Q: 2020 was a difficult year with the global crisis, what did you do, how did you progress during the pandemic period? A: Unfortunately, the Covid 19 virus and the pandemic caused as a result of it, affected the whole world. Like all countries and almost all sectors, the North Cyprus property market was also affected by this situation. At Henry Charles Estates, we continued to provide the best property service in our office by taking all the precautions. Since there are no tourists and foreign investors in general, we have made some sales by turning to the domestic market. The domestic buyer, positively evaluated the pandemic and seized some suitable purchasing opportunities. In addition, some overseas Turkish Cypriots, who have also suffered from the pandemic difficulties in England, have started to make investment preparations for their impending return to North Cyprus. Some of them have already bought. "WE CONTINUED TO EXPAND OUR PORTFOLIO DURING THE PANDEMIC PERIOD" Q: What has been the latest additions to your portfolio? A: At Henry Charles Estates, we expanded our portfolio without slowing down during the pandemic period. We have added new construction projects to our portfolio in line with the demands of our clients, especially in Nicosia, İskele and the Famagusta regions. We also did some field work on Kyrenia and its surroundings. In addition, we created investment projects to be presented to contractors and investors. In short, Henry Charles Estates continues to be ambitious with its portfolio all over the island, with more than 20 years of experience behind us. "WE WILL RECAPTURE THE OLD SALES GRAPHIC QUICKLY" Q: What are your expectations for 2021? A: First of all, we hope that 2021 will bring health, and well-being to the whole world. After this, I think good sales will follow with the hope of the vaccination and increase of flights to our island and removal of quarantine conditions. We know that people who we have just met online and some who have been our investors for many years that reside abroad are waiting to come and invest. I'm sure that we will recapture our old real estate sales charts from the days before the pandemic brought such drastic travel restrictions. Q: What is your strategy for 2021? A: As one of the leading real estate agents in Cyprus, providing an professional service for over 20 years, our goal has always been the same: to provide the best, most reliable service, to be global, to offer the rightly priced, risk-free investments to our investors. We created our strategies for 2021 with this in mind. We continue to offer the best to our investors and customers who choose us. "THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN OUR MARKET IS DISRUPTION, CAUSED BY THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW THE JOB" Q: What are your suggestions for the further improvement of your industry? A: Unfortunately, the continuing problem in our industry is that there are people who don't know too much and yet they try to deal with the real estate business in a way that disrupts the market. Without even an office or business premises, these inexperienced people who are not taxpayers and, worst of all, mislead potential buyers, need to have legal sanctions imposed upon them, removing obstacles from the paths of those of us who operate legitimately. A market managed by professionals, who are members of the North Cyprus Realtors Association would be very good for business and the right thing to be done by investors, construction companies and us real estate agents. We have been investmenting in this profession for years and would therefore like to get the best return for this. The local investor is aware of the potential of the island, our aim is to tell the foreign investor. Q: DO YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FOR LOCAL AND FOREIGN INVESTORS? A: Domestic investors are already aware of how profitable it is to invest in our island and invest as much as possible. Our main goal is to attract foreign investors in order to benefit the whole economy. Managing the pandemic process well will provide us with positive points. The forever changing new face of the world will direct people to settlements where there are calmer and easier living conditions. I believe that there will be a lot of demand for property on our paradise island, where all these conditions are met and there is great weather conditions for almost 10 months aof the year. Henry Charles Estates will be here to provide the best, most professional service to all our local and foreign customers who want to own real estate here.